The strongest force in
the universe is the
desire to grow.
Swami Rudrananda

Effective Listening Skills from Andrea Pro
Andrea Pro

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I envision us creating a world in which all people experience
their authentic nature, the security of being understood,
and the joy of connection with others.

Individuals, couples and families I work with learn to:

  • Connect with and express their emotions in healthy ways.
  • Discover and connect deeply to their values and purpose.
  • Take creative and effective action to get what they want in life.
  • Cultivate and enjoy inner peace and contentment.
  • Develop thriving relationships through:
    • Learning the art and skill of deep listening, resulting in increased connection and trust.
    • Expressing themselves in ways that others can understand.
    • Discovering creative solutions that consider the needs of everyone involved

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I enjoy being of service to people who are open and ready to create inspiring and significant change in their lives. Lets see if we are a good match to work together

Each of us has one life we are given in which to explore, appreciate and express our uniqueness. Within each life is potential far beyond what we see. Most of us have areas in which we struggle to feel good about ourselves and express our natural gifts in the world. I believe that the inner peace that springs from accepting, appreciating and loving ourselves as we are is our birthright. And yet, in our culture most of us have not experienced the kind of support, nurturing, and guidance that allows us to live in this natural state. One of my greatest pleasures is supporting people in connecting with these areas that need care and attention so they are able to live fully, authentically and joyfully.

I believe that we are given challenges in life as a way to grow and learn. We do not have to resign ourselves to lives dominated by conflict, tension and turmoil. The alternative is choosing to learn new ways of relating to ourselves and others. For me, one of the most inspiring aspects of being human is our capacity for growth and change. Using practical and powerful tools and methods, I guide people through deep, yet gentle, inner exploration, and share practices and communication skills that they internalize and use for a lifetime.

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